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Undergraduate Research

There are many opportunities to continue working with JBEI, Berkeley Lab, and the National Lab System. The US Department of Energy has many internship programs open to students and researchers (which could include placement at JBEI labs: SULI, CCI, Amgen Scholars, BLUR, EEREMLEF. For postdoctorates or scientists with their own funding we encourage talking to scientists directly.
For career positions you can visit the
JBEI jobs site.

SULI is an undergraduate Laboratory internship program that encourages undergraduates from two and four-year colleges that provides research opportunities at one of the 17 DOE National Laboratories. 

This community college internship (CCI) is a program for community  college students that encourages students to enter into a technical career related to the U.S Department of Energy.

The Amgen Scholars program is a national program that provides students with opportunities for hands-on activities and experiments that allow students to gain new experiences and pursue them into a Ph.D. or joint M.D/Ph.D. 

The Berkeley Lab  Undergraduate Research (BLUR) program has established collaborations with LBNL scientists. Participants work with scientists, engineers, technicians, and STEM professionals.

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is an internship that provides college undergraduate students the opportunity to work with lab mentors of program officials and research on certain projects.    

The Mickey Leland Energy fellowship is a program that offers students that are pursuing degrees in technology, engineering, or mathematics. This opportunity is great to get experience and gain lab work.

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